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Client: Goldberger
Project: Sleepy Time Baby - Package Design

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Client: R&R Games
Project: Spit It Out - Package Design

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Client: WowWee Toys
Project: RoboMe - Logo and Package Design

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Client: Fisher Price
Project: Master Moves Mickey - Logo Design

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Client: Scholastic
Project: WWII Planes & Tanks - Paper Engineering, Illustration, and Book Design

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Client: Fisher Price
Project: Dora The Explorer - Mobile App Screens

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Client: R&R Games
Project: Cup-A-Cup - Package Design

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Client: R&R Games
Project: Slideways - Package Design

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Client: Scholastic
Project: Autumn Pattern Cards and Counters - Illustration, Product and Card Design

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Client: Toyops
Project: Triassic Triops - Logo and Package Design

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Client: Ravensburger
Project: Puzzle Stow and Go - Package Design, Photography

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Client: Cardinal Games
Project: Duck Duck Move Game - Package Design

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Client: Cardinal Games
Project: Gone Fishin' Game - Logo, Illustration and Package Design

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Client: S&S Worldwide
Project: Robot Craft Kit - Paper Engineering and Illustration

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Client: Cardinal Games
Project: Barbie Bring the Bling Game - Package Design

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Client: Cardinal Games
Project: Shrek Game Castle - Package Design

Slide 17

Client: S&S Worldwide
Project: Chopper Craft Kit - Paper Engineering and Illustration

Slide 18

Client: Cardinal Games
Project: SpongeBob Dominoes & Bingo Tin - Package Design

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Client: Pastime Industries
Project: The Bubblegum Fun Shoppe - Product Design

Slide 20

Client: Toyops
Project: Just Look Magnifier - Product Design

Slide 21

Client: Toyops
Project: Just Look Magnifier - Package Design

Slide 22

Client: Paper Magic Group
Project: Mickey Mouse Easter Candy Holders - Product Design

Slide 23

Client: Foxmind Games
Project: Smartrix Card Game - Card and Package Design

Slide 24

Client: Cardinal Games
Project: Toy Story 3 Checkers - Package Design